Digital MicroLearning has arrived in further education: in unversities and high schools, and first studies proof the high acceptance of the new method by students. But what about MicroLearning in school classrooms? “Microlearning is a great method and I believe we will see this as an emerging trend. I generally believe that schools are slow to adapt but you will see microlearning emerge more, also in the workplace.” This is what Martin Henrik Andresen, a Project Manager for Mobile Learning at the BI Norwegian School of Business, said in 2014 in an article about Online-Educa Berlin.

In the moment, this is really a gap in research: We do not know how many schools or how many pupils under the age of 18 use MicroLearning in addition to textbook didactics or even in replacement. Some understand MicroLearning as “knowledge game” of questions and answers, others a kind of online teaching with short video nuggets, as for example see this contribution.

An empirical survey “MicroLearning in Schools” is currently needed and a hot topic on the digital learning research agenda.