Increasing expectations at the workplace and the growing demand for new knowledge are defining characteristics of 21st century society. The need for employee training in all professional sectors and industries is on the rise while timely resources for educational in-house programs are becoming more limited. Thus making mobile and flexible learning methods essential for human resource development and learning with mobile devices increasingly popular in part-time study programs.  MicroLearning is suited for the just-in-time performance-based learning requirements of today’s workforce.

With MicroLearning, education, knowledge acquisition and knowledge sharing becomes an ongoing activity without academic attitude but efficient use of breaks and free time for learning with measurable and documented learning success.

Danube University Krems, Austria

The new study program “Mobile and Work Integrated MicroLearning” at Danube University Krems (Austria), which will start its course on 9th of December 

2014, aims to professionalize its participants for this new educational challenge. Graduates will be able to develop, implement and supervise technology based learning environments in organisations and turn them into sustainable learning organisations.

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