KnowledgePulse receives top grade by Macedonian civil servants after 6 course stakes.

The “Ministry of Information Society and Administration” of the Republic of Macedonia initiated in cooperation with the Research Studios Austria company in April 2012 the “Micro Learning Center of Excellence”. Six micro-learning courses have been used by about 300 civil servants right now. The “German Society for International Cooperation”, which bears the financial RSA FG part as partial financing, has let evaluate the use of the KnowledgePulse and is convinced of the quality and efficiency of the RSA FG research product. Also the employees in the ministries appreciates the learning experience with the KnowledgePulse. Two evaluations of the operations showed that 90% percent experienced the Knowledge Pulse as excellent support for the learning and wish the further use: “My experience with Microlearning is positive, in future it is good to implement this system also for the other civil servants so they can also use it.”