“The customization of learning forms and learning content to the specific features of mobile devices is the need of the moment,” said Prof. DDr. Peter A. Bruck at the 3rd AELC at Messe Wien.

Changes in technology are moving into work and learning environments. And promote the development of innovative forms of learning with entirely new technical and didactical opportunities. The Research Studios Austria Forschungsgesellschaft apprehends this opportunities as part of their development activities.

Peter A. Bruck, CEO and General Manager of RSA FG explained on 7 November 2012 as part of the Austrian eLearning Conference (AELC) the background and results of research work: “In order to implement mobile devices successfully for education and training in business, an adaptation of learning methods and content to the specific features of mobile devices is necessary. Mobile microlearning achieves this adaptation to various forms of reduction. The use of micro-content, that is the smallest information and learning units, in combination with mobile devices allows learning directly in the application context. Time-and location independent, with a better control of the learning process.”

Bruck outlined in his presentation the different dimensions of the reduction of content and learning. Using the example of RSA FG research product KnowledgePulse he presented the strengths of mobile learning in the micro education and training of staff.