Guyana focuses on the resource knowledge and the learning solution KnowledgePulse from Austria.

The Ministry of Education of Guyana and the “Centre for Entrepreneurship” at the Wits Business School of Guyana have launched the “Roraima Learning Trust”. The quantitative expanding and the qualitative improvement of educational institutions in the country: Micro learning should be used in all secondary level schools.

Gregor Cholewa and Gerald Henzinger therefore traveled to Georgetown, Guyana to meet with education experts and teachers and to train them in deployment mobile learning and the Knowledge Pulse.

Guyana lies in the north of South America between Venezuela and Suriname. The third-smallest country in South America is heavily dependent on agriculture and of its extractive industries. The lack of skilled labor is, besides poor infrastructure, one of the largest problems of the Guyanese economy.

“If Guyana wants to be less dependent on its raw materials and the weather, it needs to invest in the commodity knowledge. Education is the key to sustainable socio-economic development of the country, “said Honorary Consul Kojo Parris, director of the” Centre for Entrepreneurship “at the Wits Business School of Guyana. Guyana will in future take a pioneering role in the Caribbean.

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