Knowledge is a most critical factor for success in most activities in corporations and administrations. Both individuals and organisations must be able to build up a common stock of knowledge and be able to recall it when needed. Businesses and Individuals differ from each other by what they know, how they get this knowledge and how they are able to use knowledge. But they must build it up and sustain it.

Mobile phones are today powerful multi-function devices that meet even higher user requirements. From gigabytes of memory to crystal clear touch screens and high quality cameras – they allow users to communicate and inform.

We at the RSA FG research and work on how knowledge can be acquired with all kinds of mobile devices. We are working on solutions that are simple, readily available and value enhancing.

The MobileKnowledgeLab is a part of the Research Studio MINE of the RSA FG and develops and researches mobile applications for knowledge acquisition, build-up and sharing.

We research among other things:

  • Language based / multimodal Learning applications
  • Context sensitive, personalised Information systems
  • Empathic avatars and digital tutors
  • Interactive Knowledge maps
  • Reward systems and social games

Some of our current research projects are:

JILL:* Just In time Learning pills for agile Learning environment at work (EUROSTARS)

SMELL:* SME collaborative learning environment (eraSME)

AT:MicroLearn *- B2C Access to MicroLearning Systems

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